It delves deeply into local topography and history as well as into the humour and emotions of local people. It carries thought provoking comment on all aspect of contemporary living, the good and the not so good.
A Rural Practice The Passing Tune Intensive Care Prague Lough Leane The Thrush in Winter Death in June Gathering History Between Housecalls Remembering Lourdes Romanian Conference The Forest Life's Pathways The Bookshop April Grandchild The Graduate The Entertainers Palmer's House The Fire in Clonavoe Dependent Lives Westland Row Field Poets
Missing Searching Missing The Dream A Letter Haiku, Haikoid & Senryū
The Reunion Depression Outside the Waiting Room Missing the Record The Certificate Appointments The Half Day On call Spring's Passing Alone Turned Tables Nursing Home Respiratory Failure The Roundabout Loss Reprived Stalling Where's Lee? Transformation Enfield Road Upgrade