An Island Road
Ranging from Celtic lament, biographical reflection, concern for the environment, the loneliness, alienation and exploitation of non Irish Nationals, the acrid bitterness of child abuse, and the helplessness of his healing profession sometimes.
It is an incisive contemporary commentary – a Magnum Opus
A Serpent Freedom After africa Allen and the Falcon Asylum Happy Birthday Bedroom Portrait By the Gace Ceilí House Remembered Christmas Sponsor Colours of Emotions Death of a Cyclist Easter Exchanges Your Room Flashback Flightpaths Glendalough History La Coruna Life's Ebbing Morcambe Bay Older than the Century On Windermere
Patterns Remembering Retirement Síle St. Cronan's Abbey Stress Sunday Morning Thank God for Christmas The Bocce Player The Bodhrán Player The Botanic Gardens The Carpenter The Enfield Road The Mooring The Rear Window Thinking of Kavanagh Thought Pebbles Tolerance White Roses and Red Trust Two Streams Umtali Writing Workshop