Questions and Answers
So you want to walk By the sea with me, Where the waves unfold And the spray is free, Where the pebbles roll In the restless foam That the moon has thrown On the polished scree, Where the murmurs fade And the echoes hide, And the sea pulls back In a churning tide. I will walk With you On the seashore, In thought, Where you walk Alone, Where the waves Are pulled back On a moonstring That threw them In play On the stones. You will hear In the distance The rumbling, The tumbling Beat of the tide, Where the wind In the chill Of the night dunes Is sifting The sands That have dried. You will see Where the peaks On the mountains Over each others shoulders Appear Where the hare Takes a breath On the heather His timid lips Twitching In fear. I want to walk In the hills with you, On the mountain paths In the purple hue, Where the grouse escapes In a cackled flight And startled, startles In returned fright Where the curlew hides In a grey disguise Till a poignant whistle Haunts the skies. You will walk With me On the mountains Where the distance Has purpled The view, Where the lark Is effulgent In love song, Unheard, He is singing For you. I will feel In the yield Of the sphagnum The secrets Where the rivers begin, Where the pools That are dark On the moorland Escape To the source Of a spring. I will see In the distance The ocean, Its bosom That heaves out of reach In a curve That is lost on horizons Where you Walk alone, On the beach.