Double Standards
Town mouse had packed his case And was prepared to go Back into the city Before the winter snow. He had enough of country life. The horse with hairy lips, The nutberries, the seeds and straw The bed that itched his hips. Country mouse was sorry To see him so depart So he made a bread-crumb sandwich From a heel of apple tart. He fixed a little parting drink, A nut half full of milk; He didn't like the city With its lace and perfumed silk. He once had seen a kitten With a ribbon on its head Get shampoo from a bottle Before it went to bed. A dog that ate his chicken bones all mixed up in a tin That gave a little scary bark When he bumped into him. The father reading stories For his children snug in bed Thought he heard a little squeak And slowed down as he read. The country mouse was busy As he helped his cousin pack And he put another piece of cheese Inside his travel sack. He hopped down from the dresser The door was on the latch, The father stopped his reading He knew he heard a scratch. He waited and he whispered To the little ones so frail Then crept into the kitchen To end the fairy tale. He got a rinded rasher When he tucked his children in, Then tied it firmly in a trap And hid it in the bin.