Departing Words
There is a time and a place
For everything as Ecclesiastes says,
You cannot take poetry everywhere.
There are those who understand
And those who are more practical.

You need Solicitors precision to draw your will,
And explain the crossword puzzle answer Codicil.
An accountant needs to calculate,
And a scientist a perception to explain what is.
You need the conversation art to translate
And telemetry to read the rhythm lines
While poetry removes ectopic words
In saying what reflective thought defines.
Others with their words prevaricate,
Where quagmire worlds dictate they step with guile,
The Pharisee can frame requests with care,
But his Press too, is fairness that's denied.

The lure is but a trap
To catch the Falcon eye,
But by falcon words we judge
How falcons fly.

Room 207, 9th March 2019