Among Ourselves
What's wrong with you?
It's the electricals with me.
I go bang bang bang BANG bang.
I am for an operation
Where they can get at the wiring.
It's great what they can do nowadays.
They can fix that, no problem at all,
It's only the Heart Attacks that kill you.
Did you not eat your breakfast?
Was it too hot or too cold
Like Cinderella's porridge,
Too hot or too cold.
What a beautiful Morning
For a line of clothes.

The traffic stalled along Dorset St.
Two lines of brake lights
Parallel and obedient to constraint.
The lights changed.
The lines divided left and right
And straight ahead,
Oblivious to any anaesthetic awakening.

The traffic moved
As it moves every day,
And would have moved the same today
Had we never woken
To see it dissipating
On its important journey, somewhere,
And Cinderella's porridge
Was neither too hot or too cold.